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The secret  of our AI centre comes from the bio security of the environment around us, the comfort in the lodging of the animals and the good practices in the husbandry of our boars, all directed for obtaining top quality semen and the best welfare for the boars.

Our boars

Due to the increased demand of our products, we are conducting an extension of our facilities, because our aim is to satisfy the necessities of our customers, always keeping the good quality of our products.

Our facilities have a laboratory, where we do the semen tests, production and packaging of semen doses.

In the tests we analyze the quality of every extraction, based on mobility, motility, abnormal images, acrosome´s morphology, etc…

The manufacturing of the doses, is done maintaining an accurate control of bio security and temperature. We use long acting diluents to preserve doses until their use.

The packaging of semen, we can do different systems depending on the customer’s request (little bottles, tubes…)

The distribution, we have a daily delivery, with controlled temperature during all the length of the way, with this way of working we achieve the best quality and security in our product.




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